2014 till 2016: International Village Show in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig (GfZK). A solo in eight parts; from 24 June with Vlassenbroek and new Village Goods by Vechte Waren.

With Arts Maesbashi I produce a new work with farmers and growers in Japan. Also on show; Moving Landscape (2009-11) and Farmers and Ranchers (2012-15) . 20 October 2016 till 17 January 2017.

YES! Myvillages works on its first monografie, to be launched 2 December 2016 in GfZK. Designed by Kristina Brusa, that did our Pantry project-book as well.

Till 16 Oktober the PAV POP UP stall made with the Libera Scuola del Giardino and International Village Shop in Parco Arte Vivente in Torino.

The Wild Treasure is a new Village Product, created with Opsterlanders and art residency SYB for International Village Shop. On 2 December 2016 we launch our Treasure in Leipzig (GfZK).

A Schelde River Scape is a co-created drawing book featuring the landscape between Vlassenbroek and Broekkant. Available over Jap Sam Books.

Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks runs bars in London.